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Divorce wars kick off in Malta

I knew it was going to get dirty between the ‘Yes to Divorce’ and ‘No to Divorce’ camps in Malta. You could tell simply by the rising volume of bile and vitriolic words, by the sheer weight of unquantified statistics and random numbers pulled out of a hat, as well as by a good ole’ dose of Catholic Dogma.

Some might see the above as backhanded techniques, but having been witness to Maltese media and politics for the entirety of my life, I know that it’s just business as usual in paradise. However, we are now being told of underhand and quite possibly, illegal, let alone unethical attempts to coerce the Maltese when the big Divorce referendum comes along.

I put this one here just to piss you off

The TImes gave us this story today: MUT members are receiving an e-mail which says:

“We have been asked by Mrs Sonia Camilleri, wife of Andre Camilleri, who is leading the anti-divorce campaign in Malta to help them out by sending them an e-mail confirming that you are against divorce in Malta giving your names and also if possible your mobile numbers.”

Wait a minute. So we’re taking an email list from our employer, and using personal influence (and no doubt a little moralistic nudge) to basically recruit school teachers in the fight against Satan, using “heads of schools, directors or institute administrators.”

Wow. Come on. Do not tell me that this is not illegal. If it is fine to do, then what’s to stop me from sending an email shot out to my boss’ list, about 19000 strong I believe, to inform them of this latest blog post of mine? Oh wait I know, it’s because that list doesn’t belong to me does it? I would get the pants sued off me if I did, and with good reason too.

For a start, that is spam. Yes it is. Spam is unsolicited mail which you have not agreed to receive and have not given your email address in order to receive. So spam. In the US, according to the ironically named CAN SPAM act, you will do jail time for spamming, if you are caught of course.


Secondly, who in the hell are you to assume that all teachers agree with your beliefs/credos/antiquated morality etc. Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to let my feelings slip in there. Oh wait, your exercise is based entirely on opinion and feelings, so I’ll say what I bloody please on my blog, because I don’t assume anyone agrees with me, and if they do, may the Lord forever bless them, their families, their flock and their village.

Third, and here I quote directly from Alternattiva Demokratika’s finest (and best looking too) Michael Briguglio. “Malta’s data protection act seems to apply for everyone save for the PN, the PL.. and the anti-divorce movement.”

Do you have any idea how comprehensive our Data Protection Act is, and the workarounds that had to be put in place in order to let people do their jobs? Most probably not, but many in the public facing public sector will tell you this. All that so we can just trounce it and bounce it, email people with whatever you like? That’s hardly fair now is it?

See, divorce can be funny. There, I made a divorce joke.

Seriously guys, grow up. You are starting to really get on my tits with this puerile, infantile and uncalled for behaviour. Why do people care so much about who others marry, or remarry, or separate from or divorce? Seriously, why? To give you a practical example, when you break up with someone (to whom you weren’t married of course) and then learn they’re going out with someone else, do you seek to learn the intimate details of their sex life, just so it could torture you on the inside and remind you of your shortcomings, literal and metaphorical each and every day? No. You find someone else and start over, unless you’re the character in Alex Vella Gera’s Li Tkisser Sewwi, who for the sake of the law courts is a bad bad man and should never be emulated.

Why do you care who others are fucking? It’s none of anyone’s business, from the Prime Minister down. It’s not a moral choice, it’s not a party matter, it’s not a political issue and it certainly should not be dragging the dregs of the Church out in the open.  You know, for a bunch of bloody moralists you lot really have no qualms about underhand tactics and behaviour. I think you all swore a solemn oath that went something like this “I will lie, cheat, steal and fuck to stop the Maltese from ever being able to end a marriage without paying off the Church or living the rest of their lives in a farce.”

Oh yes, and by the way, that Joe Zammit fellow, the one who entertains us with his Crusade-like visions of “fighting the good fight” and “the victory is already ours”?

Yes, this guy

Well, it turns out he’s right, the victory is ‘theirs’, it has already been guaranteed, if this story about the referendum being shot down in Parliament is true.

Two parties, both not saying if they’re behind divorce or not, with members of both in collusion to eliminate the prospect of a decision being made by the people. Want to bet if we’ll have divorce in Malta this time next year? For once, I agree with what Adrian Vassallo said; that “he finds a debate in parliament on the issue of divorce to be “ridiculous” and a “waste of time” given that “most MPs have already declared their position and said a lot, if not too much.”

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  1. You gotta hand it to Joe “Divorce Never” Zammit though, Mark. His oozes Christianity from every pore. I could imagine him in the Crusade calling for a Holy War against the barbaric infidel…

  2. The only thing I’d ‘hand’ to him is a hand grenade.

  3. I wonder what Joe Zammit smokes every morning. I tried asking him but of course I was duly censored by the Times of Malta moderator…

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