Technology Weird Stuff — 05 March 2011
The 35 best geek number plates

It’s hard being a geek these days. Much like Norwegian black metallers, geeks rarely find new truly kvlt people with whom to interface. Luckily, a good way to spot the true geek is by looking at their license plate.

Here are the 35 best and geekiest number plates from around the world:

And these two are Gozo’s own addition. Yes Gozo, not Malta, these two belong to two Gozitan übergeeks.

Got any more? Know of a number plate, or license plate, depending on which continent you’re on, that I haven’t included here? Link us in the comments!

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  1. Love Vlad’s and Pwn’d !!! Awesome!

  2. LOL! The WPF010 guy is an old colleague! Props!

  3. A late addition:

    A tribute to one of the currently theories explaining dark matter, called supersymmetry (and fondly known as SUSY by most physicists)

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