5 Reasons why Jay Omaro is a pretentious douche

A good friend of mine sent me a link to an article today, knowing full well that this would only manage to get a rise out of me. The article, on Kullħadd, a mediocre Maltese ‘news’ site, centred on a young Maltese artist, formerly known as Jay Omaro, and now known by his name, Matthew Grech. I’ll save you reading the whole article, which is in Maltese, and simply give you a list of five reasons why this guy is a pretentious douche.

1: Description of self

Lifted directly from the article, and translated to English:

“He describes himself as a humble person, who is hard working, happy, artistic, calm, sincere, disciplined, simple, determined and persistent.”

Seriously? For a humble and simple person, you certainly use a load of superlatives to describe yourself. Douchebag behaviour if you ask me. Also, certainly not a sign of humility. If you’re an egomaniac, like I am, just admit to it. It can be great fun.

2: A musician?

The article says that prior to his supposed conversion to Christianity, Jay, or Matthew, was a pop/R’n’B artist. A few lines down, the stunning revelation that this ersatz artiste released all of, get this, 4 songs. Four songs.

Now listen sonny, I don’t mean to demean your efforts, but I will. Four songs don’t make you an artist, just like this blog doesn’t make me Tolstoy or Dostoyevsky. Face it; you don’t even qualify as a has-been.

3: Satanic music

This Matthew guy insists that all music is partially satanic. Yes, you read that right, all music. Again, I lift directly from the article and translate to English, because this shit is simply incredible.

The majority of the music industry is satanic. This declaration of mine should be of no surprise. Many famous singers have the nerve to say they are Christian, then wear utterly indecent clothing, sing provocative and sexually charged lyrics, are highly confident, promote pride and the accumulation of financial riches, ambition, homosexuality, feminism, all while corrupting the holiness that should be a pillar behind any person that calls themselves a disciple of Christ.”

If you managed to read through that without losing your lunch, I congratulate you. In my case, I felt my overly Satanic blood boiling as the Serpent coiled around me and compelled me to demean this good Christian. Of course, the fact that he’s spouting bullshit from all orifices in his body had nothing at all to do with it.

Something else I found amusing; this picture's name originally was 'me'. Muhahaha

4: His age

I have nothing at all against young people, im fact, I am mostly considered to be young myself. However, this guy is 21 years of age, and he already thinks like an 80 year old. Furthermore, unless you’re demonstrably a new embodiment of Mozart, there is no way I’m taking music tips from a 21 year old Maltese former R’n’B singer turned Jesus freak. That’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever seen one. All the more so when by his own admission, all this guy does is “spend a lot of time praying to God, reading and studying the Bible and expressing himself on Facebook and through songs of worship.”

5: He doesn’t listen to music

So this idiot doesn’t even listen to music any more. His reason, apart from the fact that all music is Satanic, as he previously explained?

“I can not return to R’n’B, and neither do I want to. The mind is delicate, and purification is a delicate process, it’s a battle in the mind in which the mind is reformed through prayer and the power of an intimate relationship with God in oneself. Since I have been reformed as a new person, I do not wish to return to the filth I used to expose myself to, both in visual and auditory terms, so that I do not open the gates to the demons again, as upon finding an opening, they will not only pass through it, but will bring seven of their demon friends. Resist the devil, and he will leave you be.”

I have read a good deal of hogwash and bullshit in my time, you can be sure of that. I have also met a fair few brainwashed idiots, young and old. However, I have rarely been witness to such a scale of bullshit, from a pseudo artist such as this fool no less. I’m just thankful that I have been endowed with a brain, and that I’m not afraid to use it. Someone obviously is. And before I get some sort of comment about how ignorant I am, read through this guy’s bullshit arguments once again and remember that “The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” And obviously this guy knows nothing about both music and intelligence.

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  1. Ommi ma eh.

  2. Damn, that was funny! Christians can be so amusing…when they’re killing each other in the name of their god. The rest should just be thrown to the lions.

    • Very well said, Mr. Son of Man.

      Line up the lions and open the gates, asap.

  3. This is gold. Brilliant post!

    I mean, I can just write an essay of a comment here about this prick’s behavior, but I’m sleepy and I’m trying to completely embrace the fact that we’re living in a sea of constant bullshit…wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ll find that bullshit is just eagerly waiting for your arrival to slam itself mercilessly into your face.

    …the keyword(s) here is: ‘fuck it’ xD Learn to say ‘fuck it’ and I think you may survive the sea of crap.

  4. Huh, humble you say? …hmm: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.67276546211.102824.588766211

    Yes, just as humble as the Queen of England…(<- don't ask)

  5. Mark, if you think you’re egomaniac, you have no idea how wrong you are *cough* http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=442660796211

    Guess this is gonna end up as an essay after all…

    • Thanks for the research Andreas!

      • “The greatest ignorance is to reject something you know nothing about.” your quote Mark, How much do you know about Christianity? The differences between Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox ? Reformations? The times of Constantinople and the infiltration within the Christian faith? the deceit within the Kuran in muslim religion? …..

  6. This is what happens when a man spills his seed on his mirror one too many times.

  7. Hey Mark!

    What a website! You have a lot of talent and your English writing is pretty good too I must say. On the other hand I can’t help not to feel sorry for you for having a need to write this article, but then again its good you did. Why?

    Probably you did not realized but you have just given Matthew a helping hand and blessed him. As our Lord said:

    “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me!”

    Matthew is one of the few people who is not ashamed to be called insane on account of Jesus and I love him for that. I wish you could write a review and say similar things about me! It would feel good to know that I am also worthy of insult for standing up for Jesus my Savior. After experiencing certain things for myself, such as demonic activity and the effect of God’s word in my life, I would can not agree with your views on Matthew at all. He is more sane than many people out there today and an amazing guy!

    Knowing Matthew, when he sees this article he will rejoice and be glad (and he will be praying for you also, as will I).

    Like I said, you are very talented however. You should read the Gospel of Mark. Its the shortest of all the Gospels -- not my favorite one -- but its a good start :)

    Take Care gbin

    • Are you high?

    • I would have taken you comment about my English as a compliment, but I didn’t, because I’m horrified with your lack of language skills after a cursory reading of your comment. A few lessons may be of help, for example, how to use “it’s” and “its”. You can read that here: http://bit.ly/civpbi

      As to the rest of your comments; I have read the Bible, in its entirety, a fair few times. Perhaps I was not as blown away as you and your mate Jay Omaro because I tend to read voraciously, or perhaps because the Bible always shocked me with its genocidal, misanthropic, anti-women and guilt ridden messages. But maybe that’s just me.

      As to experiencing things such as ‘demonic activity’, I can only quote that most Satanic of musicians, James Hetfield from Metallica: “What drugs are you on, and please, may I have some?”

      • Reading the bible is the fastest way to becoming an atheist.

        • Huh?

          • If the English used by Daryl wasn’t simple enough for you, here’s an example of what he’s talking about:


            The author of that book is a guy who studied the bible extensively…and that’s much more than you can say about the majority of Catholics.

            Did you read the bible Carol? Which part is your favorite?

  8. Hehe Mark. you’ll be in my prayers too man. :)

    Gavin… 2 words. well done!


  9. Hmm. Let’s not give this douche more attention than he deserves. Kullhadd is hardly gonna go out to that many people. Remember, Rebbecca Black would have disappeared from our radar swiftly and quietly were it not for the twitter hate…

    • It’s true that no publicity is bad publicity, but who cares how “famous” this guy becomes? This is very good entertainment.

      And besides, do you think next week people still be talking about him? Nope, probably some other douche will come along to take the spot for dumbass of the week.

      Case in point: Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, Clinton Paul etc… they get their week of fame (which is more than most of us get), and after that they fade into the nothingness from whence they came (yea, was watching Rowan Atkinson yesterday).

      We just need to sit back and enjoy the show.

      • Corinthians and the Gospel of Mark are my fav Andreas.

        And btw, Matthew’s def not trying to reach fame by the way he changed his life. if you decided to post a link to old photos of his to decided whether he was humble or not, I;m sorry to say but that was quite pointless.
        And on which basis do u strengthen your views that he’s a douche? Not that I actually need your opinion, coz as you can see, I have my views about Matt. have u ever met the guy? coz if either you nor Mark have never met the guy, I doubt you;re in a position to actually call the guy such a name :)

        • “have u ever met the guy?” — No, I didn’t meet the guy. Do I want to? Take a wild guess.

          “post a link to old photos of his to decided whether he was humble or not, I;m sorry to say but that was quite pointless.” — uh, why? Please elaborate on why you think it was pointless. My point was that he’s very inconsistent…he says something but does otherwise *cough* like the Pharisees maybe? You surely know those fellows, don’t you?

          “Matthew’s def not trying to reach fame” — one of the ways you don’t get famous is by not having your photo and a ‘tl;dr’ kind of article in a newspaper talking about your new reform no one ever really wanted to hear about, no one truly cares and no one ever will.

          “Not that I actually need your opinion” — So if that’s true, why d’you reply to my comment and ask me questions? You seem to be just as much interested as I currently am.

          • I did not ask you to meet the guy :) just asked you whether or not u have? Coz I guess to judge someone one, one has have the chance to meet him or get to know him first. But I guess in this case, not.

            And regards to the photos, yes your point is pointless. Those photos were taken back when he was not yet converted. if you’re gonna accuse someone of pass a judgement about someone please research your stuff well ;) again…the case of you not knowing him well comes into play again. And yes I have heard about those fellows ( pharisees ). If i’m not mistaken they were the guys that were on Jesus’s tail, inspecting every move of His, and shooting down every good action and all His preaching, plus throwing a lot of doubt and confusing ppl coz of their silly laws back in those days. good enough explanation? :)

            The reason I reply to you comments is simply 1. Cos i don;t want to judge you before i get to know the motives of your argument. then again I don’t have to judge you at all. you have your views and I have mine. but then again, if you’re gonna post such a thing about someone, referring to articles written on the guy or to photos posted years ago aren’t very strong basis to point you finger at. :)

            ” one of the ways you don’t get famous is by not having your photo and a ‘tl;dr’ kind of article in a newspaper talking about your new reform”. The whole point of that article isn;t for fame! how can ppl know about conversion if one doesn’t hear about it. and just because you don’t care about them, it does not mean others don’t. it’s the point as music critics are done. how can ppl judge for them selves about the new music that’s being produced?

        • Carol, your arguments will hold no water here until you learn some basic English skills. There are over 9,000 mistakes in your answer.

          • Be serious and reply to the arguments :) and not escape them with another pointless remark about English skills :) thumbs up for yours by the way.

  10. 6. The hair

  11. @Carol Sacco:

    Matthew 7:1-6 Do not judge, or you too will be judged. [2] For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.

    “Corinthians and the Gospel of Mark are my fav Andreas.” — Now let’s see how carefully you read the Bible :

    1. “Coz I guess to JUDGE someone one”
    2. ” if you’re gonna accuse someone of pass a JUDGEMENT about someone please research your stuff well”
    3. “Cos i don;t want to JUDGE you before i get to know the motives of your argument”
    4. “then again I don’t have to JUDGE you at all”
    5. “how can ppl JUDGE for them selves”

    I see. So, please reply whenever you decide to stop bullshitting us with your crap.

    • My point exactly when I said..i don;t have to JUDGE you at ALL! :)

      • Carol, they’re not pointless remarks. How can you have an intelligent argument with a person who can’t even accurately express themselves in a language that they should be fluent in? You know the rules and so do I, Carol.

      • How is this your point exactly? I contradicted you 5 times in a row and you say that that’s your point exactly?

        And why the hell do you have to leave a smiley after each damn comment? We get it, you’re high on Jesus; fine. At least he’s cheaper than acid.

        • Whatever helps you sleep at night dude :) :)

    • I see you know your bible verses. good for you. :)
      To your earlier comment. That is why I said ” then again I don’t have to judge you at all” . Because it’s not my place to judge.
      Then again, that is what was done with this article about Matthew no? Wasn’t he ” judged’ ?

      (I hope these type of English skills are suitable for this website now Mark- My apologies for my previous posts :) )

      • What English skills exactly?

        1. “bible verses” => Bible verses
        2. “. good for” => . Good for
        3. “comment. That” => comment: that
        4. “That is why” => That’s why
        5. ‘” then again’ => “then again,
        6. ‘all” . Because’ => all” because
        7. “that is what was” => that’s what was
        8. “about Matthew no” => about Matthew, no
        9. [Wasn’t he ” judged’ ?] => Wasn’t he judged?
        10. ” this website now Mark” => this website, Mark.
        11. “My apologies for my previous posts ” => I apologize for my previous points because I realized I’m an ass.

        • you’re funny :)

  12. hmm this is pointless. God bless you both. you def both need His grace & compassion.

    Take care :)

  13. I also think that he’s a douche, but let’s not focus on that.

    How can anyone take this person seriously when he speaks of demons, satan and his 7 friends that come and get you through the TV? crazy idiot

  14. If only we could show you what Matthew Grech thinks about the queens-standard.com..

  15. Markwiba I have read your article and do agree with Gavin (whatever) that you are a talented writer. I also agree with most of your article. But it does seem that you are too hard religion. Do not get me wrong I think that religion (and not the bible) is he cause of all the wars past present and future. I don’t agree however why most of the comments here are all out against the bible and its teaching. I was particularly surprised by the comment from Teodor Reljic, against this Matthew guy (whom I don’t know I don;t really want to know). My point is if this Matthew guy is preaching something good such as tolerance etc, Master Reljic is the last person on this island to complain. Had it not been for these types of teachings he would be probably forced to take arms in some Baltic country that his father had decided to flee back in the nineties, and came to settle in Malta. It was the teachings from the Bibble that allowed Svesdan to have a number of jobs in the printing Industry and for young Teodor (at the time a baby probably) to get an education and also go to University and speak his mind.
    So I think it would do everybody good take a step back an think abit before writing.

    • somehow i think it was the evolution of society and the awareness of human rights.

      • And where did those come from. Up to the early eighties in Malta there where barely any human rights.

        • we still hardly have any now….and most of it’s to do with religion and prohibitionism….

    • Robert,

      1: I do not control who comments, what they say and which direction a discussion takes.

      2: Jay, or Matthew, did not once mention tolerance. I invite you to read the article as you obviously have not.

      3: Seeking asylum in a country and getting a job both have nothing to do with creed, nor with the Bible. We would be in a bad way if that were the situation. In fact, Teodor’s ethnicity and country of provenance is none of our business and is in no way connected to the subject of this article.

  16. il lliiibbb xi hsara ta persuna!!! haha!! you have me in shits mark!

    My fav part is where he says music is satanic:

    1. “are highly confident” -- whats wrong with confidence? he sure is in n.1! :)
    2. “the accumulation of financial riches” -- jekk tahdem tejd ha tarmijom fil-bahar flusek!
    3. “homosexuality” -- no need to go into that again.
    4. ” feminism” -- WTF!!

    i personally can’t stand the way RnB has deteriorated as a genre in the last 5 -10 years, however what does this guy expect? that civilisation reverts itself to 20 AD? when women got stoned for having sex and couldnt have an opinion expect cook, clean and love thy husband?

    and should they stop singing in mass too now? cos all music is satanic no?


  17. Hey Mark! I’ve known Matt for quite a few years now and I can say he is one of the nicest, coolest persons I’ve ever met. I feel so weird reading this because it doesn’t sound like the guy I know! I think the people who actually know him and commented on this post did so in a really peaceful way with no aggression whatsoever. As far for the rest of you who don’t know Matthew, I’m not here to convince you to like him but why all this negativity?? What did he ever do to you? I love your blog Mark but this post was sort of pointless. OK, I’m ready for the negative comments now. HIT ME!

  18. Although for the record, I don’t believe all music is satanic!

    • Even if all music was “satanic”, who gives a shit? If I compare these “satanic” records with mass-produced ‘music’ such as the crap a guy like Michael W. Smith churns out, you’ll find that there really is no competition there.

      WARNING: The following is not for the faint of heart…especially if you haven’t had dinner yet.

      This Michael W. Smith fellow has titles such as, brace yourselves:

      * Awesome God
      * Friends
      * Open the eyes of my heart
      * Above All
      * Our God is an awesome god.
      * …the list just goes on and on and on AND ON…

      (Sorry for spoiling your appetite)

      And if you’re really up for it, I DARE ANYONE to watch the following without spewing last night’s dinner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38V8jnN1Kpw

  19. Tamara, we don’t know him, you’re right. Our comments are based on what he said in that article, which is absurd and can be especially harmful to uneducated individuals that might read it and believe every word of it. Thus the impression he left on us is that he’s crazy and stupid. I’m not saying it should be censored or anything, just that our comments are very much justified.

    • I just read the interview! I don’t agree with what Matt wrote even though he’s explained it to me before. The way he talks about his conversion is not as harsh as the way it sounds like in the interview. However, I now get why people reacted negatively to it. He’s still my friend though and he really is a nice guy. I’m not his spokesperson. I haven’t seen or talked to him in a while but I felt like sticking up for my friend. He really isn’t the crazy and stupid person you’ve portrayed. But with interviews like that I can say you are well justified to react negatively. Still, I had to say something after seeing “pretentious douchebag” across my laptop screen. The description and the guy just didn’t match in my mind. Anyway, this is MY justification for my previous reaction.

  20. Hi there. Dear blogger, I am he whom you wrote about! First of all thank you for blessing me…Jesus foretold all us Christians that we would have the extreme pleasure to bear reproach for His holy name’s sake!! If we are reproached however, it is becaused he was first reproached. Now, before continuing, I speak mighty blessings on all of you who have passed judgments on me, his adopted son. May God forgive you, and may His grace be with your families. My heart cry is that you will know Him, the only name under heaven, given to men, by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). So far, you do not. This is wisdom, that a proud heart is an abomination to God (Proverbs 16:5). So before you come to Jesus, in Hebrew Yeshua, which means salvation, you are to humble yourselves! So much so, that you will be brought down to a place of godly sorrow and repentance over your sin. When your heart sincerely repents, God is just and faithful in washing your sins, making you as white as snow!! Halleluyah! And then you walk with him, and obey him, because His words are spirit and truth, and they set you free! They are NOT burdensome!!! So you pass from death to life, and you are not condemned because you believe in the name of the only begotten Son of God, the ONLY WAY, TRUTH and LIFE!! You become lovers of light, instead of darkness, and in all readiness of mind come to the light so that darkness may be exposed and made manifest! Halleluyah!

    Now I want to give you an opportunity to give your lives to Yeshua and be saved! This is the good news: We are all sinners, and unable to make atonement for ourselves, because it is not in manking to live a sinless life. God in all His manifold wisdom sent His only Son from heaven who became flesh, the likeness and similitude of mankind, to live that perfect life on our stead…fulfilling many Jewish scriptures and prophecies (about 300 of them!!!) He humbled himself and learnt obedience, and obeyed the Father unto the death of the cross, to shed his blood for all mankind, thus making redemption as a free gift to all those who would put their faith and trust in HIS righteousness!!! So Yeshua saved us from the penalty of sin by His own blood, is saving us day by day from the power of sin through the operation of His Holy Spirit, and will one day save us from the presence of sin when he will finally glorify our bodies incorruptible!!! Halleluyah!! After his death, he was also resurrected as He prophesied to the disciples, because it was not possible for death, the last enemy, to have a hold on God himself!!! :) Now the Son of the Living God is seated on the right hand of God’s throne, interceding for the saints, continuously defending the accusations of the enemy towards us! Because we acknowledge the Son, the Son acknowledges us to the Father. But the Son will deny before His Father all those who deny him on this earth!

    Now in John 3 Jesus says unless you are born again, you can not enter the kingdom of God!! Praise God!! Now I want to ask you a serious question. Are you born again? Are you born from above? That which is born of flesh is flesh, but that which is born of spirit is spirit, Jesus says! Do you recall a conscious decision you made in your life to come to Jesus and follow him WITH ALL YOUR HEART, SOUL, STRENGTH and MIND!!! If you have, saving faith will manifest itself into a new life that is driven by holiness and righteousness in relationship with Jesus, not by carnal, fleshly and sinful desires.

    Now you can believe, and by the precious blood flow of Jesus, you WILL NOT be condemned!! Halleluyah!!!!!!!! That is good news!!!!!!! But God gives you free will, and with it comes a lot of responsibility. You can also harden your heart, disbelieve, doubt, reject, and mock the gospel of salvation, and upon that decision, my friend, just know you stand condemned…as long as you reject the truth.

    May the spirit of Christ enlighten you and lead you through the narrow gate that leads to everlasting life in the Almighty’s presence!

    Peace be with you all.

    • It’s funny how you say we should all be born again yet Catholicism rejects reincarnation. What’s up with that?

      • What does being born of the Spirit have to do with reincarnation? First of all, I am not a Catholic. I am not of Catholicism and I am not associated with religion. I like to associate myself with Christ, and call myself a Christian, as the disciples of Christ are called by the Apostles. Andreas, go to the gospel of John Chapter 3 and read the whole thing. It talks about two contrasting births. Everyone is born of the flesh! But not all are born of the Spirit! Jesus says unless you are born of the Spirit, you can not enter into the Kingdom of God! Very serious isn’t it! It is not to be taken lightly! In the same chapter, Jesus compares being born of the Spirit to the wind! You can not see this powerful agent called the Spirit of God…just like you can’t see the wind! But you believe there is a wind because you see the effect it has! You see clouds move, you see trees shaking! In the same way you know you have been born of the Spirit because it shakes the old away and brings a new breeze into your life so to speak! Its working in you mortifies the deeds of the flesh and you start being lead by the Word of God, which is Spirit! Old things are passed away, behold all things are made NEW in Christ! That is the new birth!

        • You’re obviously very confused is what you are Matt, or Jay. I suggest you come back and leave more comments when you actually have something of substance to say, or perhaps when you are stone cold sober, which you evidently are not.

          • “God is not a God of confusion/turbulence/disorder but a God of peace as in all churches of the saints.” 1 Corinthians 14:33

            I have made my mind up, and I have full assurance of my faith in Lord Jesus, Yeshua, my precious free gift of salvation! Because my dad in heaven is not confused, I am not confused either! Like Father, like son!! I once was very confused, but I prayed to God, begging him to convince me of the truth. And being His faithful self, he heard all my petitions and gracefully granted me peace of mind and heart. To God be ALL the glory, in the name of his Anointed Son. Amen.

  21. Mark, inti jaqaw semmejt il blog markbiwwa ax xi darba bellawlek snienek u l-”R” m’ghadekx thossha!??? Kemm nixtieq nara ritratt tieghek halli nkun naf min iz-zobb foxx razztek int! U b-liema awtorita taqbad tikteb dal-bullshit kollu fuq in nies!?? Ara vera m’ghandekx xi tghid u fuq min tikkumenta! Ja mohh maghluq!!! Halli li min jghix bil-kwiet purcinell, and GET A FUCKING LIFE!

    • Just as sidna Gesu Kristu would have said.

    • I am sorry that my opinions have rubbed you up in the wrong way. However, I implore you to do as good Christians are supposed to: forgive me.

      Failing that, I recommend elocution classes.

    • ”Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing, because to this you were called so that you may inherit a blessing.” and to do the opposite of this and associate it with the Holy Name of our Lord is ever worse. Please do not mock his name.

    • Better lower your tone mate. Just a friendly advice. You say that no one can judge anyone else. I agree. Only God can do that. But with all your insults, you are only showing your arrogant side. Chillax man.

    • Action leads to sin, not sexual orientation.

  22. May i ask you: “Why this hatred against Matthew?’ I admire Matthew for the simple reason that he is not afraid to proclaim his faith in Jesus Christ……
    You remarked: ” However, this guy is 21 years of age, and he already thinks like an 80 year old” Who said that to follow Christ you have to be 80 years??……
    to Matthew, keep on believing….We need people like you to enlighten in times of darkness….. prayers to all… may you find truth…… :)

    • “[...] We need people like you to enlighten in times of darkness [...]”

      Sure, we always need people like him to tell us how wrong we’re living our lives. Maybe there wouldn’t be any “times of darkness” if we didn’t have people telling us how we should live.

      And what darkness do you speak of exactly? Is there another bubonic plague round the corner?

      • It might have to do with the rising cost of electricity, his hairstyle would make him a very handy lightning rod and I could save some dosh..

    • “Who said that to follow Christ you have to be 80 years??”

      Indeed, serfdom has no age requirements..

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  24. To Matthew

    A word of encouragement from a sister:

    1 John 4:4-6

    “You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. They are of the world. Therefore they speak as of the world, and the world hears them. We are of God. He who knows God hears us; he who is not of God does not hear us. By this we know the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.”

    God Bless You Matthew!

    • Thank you precious sister! I love your scripture choice ;) Grace without end on you!

  25. Just a gentle reminded that he is one of those ‘converted’ homosexuals from the river of love thing.

  26. Ok so serious i have read all 71 comments previously written. I am overcome with a feeling of confusion, and disgust. This god all mighty of yours is really getting to your heads, cant u see all the wars and troubles on this earth are due mostly likely to religion and the need for more power. It is mostly due to people.. That are set to believe that they are only right and the rest are sinners or better yet they adore Satan. For believing in God you certainly are not very tolerate to others opinions it is very cute that this mattew guy converted to Christianity. HALLELUJAH for him.. So why does he have to brag about it (egomaniac much!!) and i have to say this. Why does he want to try and convince all us sinners to convert to what he believes in .. Does not god teach u respect for other and their opinions?

  27. Contrary to your statement in no. 1 above, not a single superlative was used the “self description” that you inlcuded in your article. In grammar, the superlative is the form of an adjective (or adverb) that indicates that the person or thing (or action) modified has the quality of the adjective (or adverb) to a degree greater than that of anything to which it is being compared in a given context. English superlatives are typically formed with the suffix -est (e.g. healthiest, weakest) or the word most (most recent, most interesting).

    • su·per·la·tive   [suh-pur-luh-tiv, soo-]

      1. of the highest kind, quality, or order; surpassing all else or others; supreme; extreme: superlative wisdom.
      2. Grammar. of, pertaining to, or noting the highest degree of the comparison of adjectives and adverbs, as smallest, best, and most carefully, the superlative forms of small, good, and carefully. Compare comparative (def. 4), positive (def. 20).
      3. being more than is proper or normal; exaggerated in language or style.

      • It saddens me to see so many astray…. , It’s actually funny to see deceit working on so many levels. This discussion most definitely needs some philosophy to open up the minds of the ”witty”.
        Lets start by pointing out that the Bible is not a brainwashing plot to herd the ”sheeples”, In actual fact, in my experience, it has been the complete opposite. The world you live in is SO deceitful, that you not only need to wake up on a political level, socio-political level and spiritual level, but to a level which ultimately brings you to Christianity.
        See, the deceit does not lie within Christianity, the deceit is that which pushes you away from Christianity. Now, remember, In itself, Christianity already holds a label in your mind, that which you reject. so for you to truly understand the message within the Christian faith, you must lay down your beliefs humbly, and see for yourself the true depths of this doctrine. I am a former atheist who slowly changed his beliefs to ”New Age”, spirituality, trying to grasp the science of spirit and studied many philosophical doctrines and ideologies to finally come to a truthful Christian perspective. So no, i was not born a Christian, and i am well aware how absurd it may come across to those who have never had the opportunity to understand it properly. I urge those who have completely shut their eyes to Christianity to reconsider their beliefs, or at least attempt to investigate what it’s all about. I would also like to add, that i have a father who spent his entire life searching for truth, a man, who would wake up in the morning, go to his three monitor screens on his computer, put CNN , BBC, RT and open up as many articles about foreign affairs as he can to investigate them and the topics at hand, and just state down all the bullshit and brainwash they are feeding the people, to the point, where he was an encyclopaedia for bullshit. I kid you not, my father was a bullshit detector, When he spoke, people listened, this is no peasant of a man, his role in the parliament in Brussels as a member of the UKIP group gave him the opportunity to work with many political members of the EU, as well as investigate most of the EU agendas, how everything works on a political level, and how far the deceit goes, being labeled as conspiracy theories. This man knows everything about politics and real history inside out, including deep insights on how the Federal reserve and it’s monitory system work, how enforcement for a police state works, the agenda leading to a one world government and one world currency, as well as how the European central Bank (ECB) is no more than another bankster hand in hand with the Federal reserve bank. Now, those are only a few of the political topics he has knowledge about. In addition, he came across the One world religion issue, that which speaks about, how it does not matter which God you worship, that they are all the same, as long as there is free love and unity, etc, New age beliefs. My dad being a full on atheist , led him to reject Jesus throughout his life. Today, he is a Christian, he dug so deep within the political agenda that he came to a wall, a barrier which challenged his beliefs severely, although it did, he followed where the investigation lead him, at this point, i gave you a brief testimony of my father whom i respect truly. what he found was that these 1% that pretty much own the monopoly, including ‘Monsanto’, other food corporations, pharmaceutical companies/corporations and The Central Bank, which lends to the federal reserve and ECB, which lends out to people with interest etc, not going to explain this here, watch some videos / articles how the monitory system works. In conclusion, my father found that these men were Satanists, deceived men who believe they will earn a high role in Hell, whilst still living a life of wealth, health, fame and all tat comes with that satanic package. I would like to add, that this goes for the Satanic celebrities as well, such as Miley Cirus, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Black eyed Peas, and many other artists who ”Fell”. I know this article could have been written a lot better, however, it’s 5:30 in the morning, and I’m making an effort relieving some of you of hours and hours of investigation to get to Christianity, when you can just give it a go, perspective changes drastically, and if you have a false foundation of knowledge, then your interpretation of your reality is merely a false one. I’m not trying to be clever, I’m content to tell the truth, Bless you all xxxxxxx

        • Dearest Bloggers ,
          here are some of my other thoughts on the matter,

          Why do we care about the self so much ?, It seem as if everyone prioritises the self more than anything. Not that one should have any less respect for himself, although, every human being undoubtedly lives by their emotions, We long to feel appreciated , loved, cared for, and respected. It appears that we have led ourselves to believe that by caring and focusing on the self so much , in turn , we receive these euphoric emotions, ultimately believing we have gained this respect, and finally become appreciated, ….

          Using our emotions as our driving force for gratification and that which we believe is an accomplishment, is indeed a misconception.

          The self is merely a reflection of that which we perceive to be the self, that which you believe is the embodiment of yourself, how you observe and look at yourself through the eyes of the perceiver, aka your imagination. which conclusively are our belief systems. Why then not define ourselves as best we can ? , well, we are restricted by our belief systems, they give us a set of rules and limits in which we conceive a reality, and therefore ourselves. It seems rather evident that we judge ourselves and our behaviours as well as our thinking and emotions continuously on a day to day basis, as well as what others think of us.
          Wether we feel bad or good, we question why and how ,
          Let us say , and think for a moment that, there is in someway, an external force that promotes our thinking and therefore our emotions , let us not label this external force, leave it to the point that, your thoughts -- emotions and therefore actions aren’t entirely your own.

          wouldn’t this mean that using the idea of focusing on the self and your thoughts about how you feel as a guide, are false, merely a construction of layered ideas and beliefs within our subconscious and conscious mind which derive from beliefs picked up one by one along our time on earth.

          in that being said, this would mean that, our thoughts aren’t really our own .., and therefore what we feel is misled?,

          eliminating the focus and priority on the self simply means, that you do not abide yourself to emotions , and conclude judgment on your state of being/ how you currently feel.
          You use another factor , another form of universal compass.
          we call this compass , faith
          we will no longer judge ourself and what we do on how we feel,

          so , faith in what? not everyone has faith in something, to have faith in something means, that nothing in the world has as much significance to your life anymore, because you know , that that which provides you with this confident feeling, faith, will save you , that it is better, stronger, and reliable.

          You can still use your emotions on a day to day basis whenever you need to or want to, but that doesn’t mean that you should guide your life by your emotions.

          Faith eradicates the labels on the self, it gives you something more to believe in, more than the self could ever provide for you. you no longer focus on the troubles and accomplishments and thoughts of others, where you are and what you want to get to , because you know that faith is better than all those things combined,

          once you start to feel faith in your heart, you learn to truly love and forgive, you learn to stop judging, because it has no more meaning to you , you learn to respect yourself truly, in the way a human is meant to be respected.
          you learn to stop hating, because that hating was always consciously and subconsciously driven from the actual self,

          the self has been layering itself for years, to the point that, your core self as a human is hidden beneath all these conceptions ideals and several beliefs,

          to a certain extent, fear is within everyone and that will disappear, it has no room to exist within faith, just like darkness cannot exist within light, it is only the absence of light that creates darkness, as well as the absence of faith which reveals fear .

          faith in who?
          faith in Jesus Christ

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  30. His beloved bible says that men was created in the image of god. Therefore, gay people are created into the image of god. Therefore god is gay. Ergo he hates himself since “Homosexual acts are an abomination to God” (Leviticus 18:22). And jesus said that god is love. Contradiction.

    You just cannot argue with logic.

  31. If only I had popcorn with me while reading the comments, it gets pretty funny what with all the bullshit spewed at times from brainwashed people who are unable to separate fate from from.fact. Anyway, some things I want to point out:
    1. It’s good that Jay Omaro or whatever was ‘enlightened’, at least now he has a purpose to waste his life on, even if it is somewhat baseless.
    2. How can all music be satanic if mass itself contains music? Or if bands play music which is supposedly catholic? If they’re promoting god in a song the music itself can’t be satanic (Skillet and Demon Hunter being good examples of such bands)
    3. Although I don’t consider myself a catholic, you shouldn’t openly flame the bible:.”the Bible always shocked me with its genocidal, misanthropic, anti-women and guilt ridden messages.” Even if that statement is true, the fact that we’re in Malta is going to earn you even more hate than this single post is worth. And knowing how strongly people in Malta feel about their religion, assaulting their beliefs is going to earn you a lot of enemies.
    Other than that, this blog is pretty well written, so keep up the good work. It’s entertaining to see to what point people would go trying to defend beliefs they themselves don’t practice. Considering that you got openly threatened by a person who wrote his name as Gesu Kristu, it only shows the stupidity of some of these people.
    Just something I’m amazed no one pointed out, isn’t the Catholic fate about accepting others and living in peace? So why all the hate in the comments written? I mean, they’re just opinions, no need to start pushing bibles on other people or threatening them.

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