Current Affairs Malta — 05 May 2011
Divorce Troops: Mobilise!

Somewhere, lost in the useless rhetoric that has been spouted from both sides of the divorce debacle in Malta, the order to charge has been sent. I felt it a little while ago, and said so too. Perhaps the order to charge was hidden, albeit out in the open, in Joe Zammit’s frequent hellfire laden sermons on the Times Of Malta website, a few of which can be enjoyed below.



Anyhow, the troops seems to have mobilised. In a few days, we will have thought police armed with rosary beads roving the streets ready to garrotte the heathens who dare wish ill upon our families, Maltese families whose marriages apparently never fail, and neither do their neighbours’. For now, insensitive and quite frankly, crass billboards will be the order of the day.

You could barely tell which billboard belongs to which camp, could you? Ever more evidence that the supposed divorce debate, has, so far been nothing but a massive farce.

After that, perhaps a wave of ‘purification’ murders, a Night of the Long Knives, lest the analogy put Godwin’s Rule to the test. But for now, all of that will have to wait, because we’re doing balconies.

Photo credit: Tore Friskopp

Photo credit: Roderick Spiteri

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  1. How they love to make every issue their own little jihad… frikkin religion.

  2. You should take a look at for an alternative look at the divorce debacle!

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