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More Malta Divorce spam

It was, of course, bound to happen. There is no way you can conduct a sham of a public debate without getting private individuals involved in it, and if they’re Maltese, fighting tooth and nail for whatever they deem is the best option. You will tell me that certainly, everyone is a private individual, and you would be right, but then you’d get smacked upside the head for being facetious.

In any case, after the debacle of spamming teachers and educators with anti-divorce propaganda, we have individuals jumping in for their own pound of flesh. Sadly, I don’t mean ‘having their fun by taking the piss out of billboards‘.

This email was sent to a friend of mine just this morning. I’m sharing it with his express permission and if you’re that way inclined, you can read it in the original Maltese below. Bear in mind the Maltese version is depressingly error laden and forces me to think that our education system is the reason why we have such abysmal writing standards, apart from the remarkably back dated and antiquated ideas we harbour. Y’know, much like the fact that some think it’s fine to bother people in their own homes, which this ‘note’ reminds me of. Or perhaps you all just don’t read at all. In any case, here goes.


As everyone knows, the time of the divorce referendum is upon us, and we have heard a number of things from both campaigns, which have resulted in personal attacks. They have annoyed everyone and even involved politics in the matter.

Now, the time has come for us youths to rise to our feet and make our voices be heard too.

To that aim, a group of youths has felt that we ought rise to our feet and not be scared or silent and inactive. Thus we have joined together and have the intention of of being head out. The group shall be called NO: Out Of Respect to the Future. This group has nothing to do with the other two movements, so next Saturday we shall come out into the open and hold a conference to demonstrate our fresh ideas; ideas which have not been mentioned by any of the groups. Even those who are still undecided (as to what vote they will cast), should come and reflect on that which you will hear so you can choose what kind of society you want to live in.

So we invite you to join us on Saturday at 1400 in front of the Law Courts, so that we show that even the young are against divorce, and to support these youths who are not afraid to speak up against what is happening in the country, because it’s easy to be silent in the face of all this and do nothing, but it has to be us to work for the future of this country and how we act will impact our society.

So, Saturday, Valletta, 1400 in front of the Courts.

NO: Out Of Respect to the Future


Now I won’t go into the merits or demerits of this supposed call to action, one which does nothing to me bar make me gag. I won’t even go on about how, sorry, we’re simply not interested in upholding these supposed ‘brave youths’ who are risking life and limb to fight for a moral hegemony they couldn’t possibly unravel or understand. I won’t even say that ‘brave youths’ would uphold a code of honour (and the Law) and should not spam people. However, in return for not saying any of that, I reserve the right to include my friend’s instantaneous response in the image below.


And whoever is sending this unasked for, unsubscribed to, no double opt in crap, consider yourself lucky I didn’t expose your ridiculous name to the world. I’m sorry if that screws with your day at all, but if you send me bullshit like this, expect me to have a little but of fun with it.

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  1. *a little bit of fun

    • Very true. Let the record reflect that I do no have buts of fun, rather ‘bit of fun’.

  2. Otherwise it’s a very good article good job.

  3. Il-Malti bellezza!

  4. WINNING reply!

  5. A pleasure to read as always, even tho this divorce stuff is becoming highly unsettling.

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