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Malta Divorce Referendum – 6 Reasons I’m glad it’s a yes

I will not be going into the merits of the referendum polling and the last 48 hours. I’m just going to give you my 5 reasons I’m glad it’s a yes in the Malta Divorce Referendum. If you want to keep on reading more and more inane detail, just follow #divorcemalta on Twitter. Oh, and by the way, we got on the front page of the BBC website this morning.

1: Return to normality

The country has been tense these last few months. Don”t tell me you couldn’t feel it, there has been a vibe, a palpable hate, if you will. Small wonder, given the intensive and insensitive messaging on both sides of the divorce campaign.

With no referendum looming, things can calm down. The hating will subside and we will return to our usual hostile selves. The organizations above will cease to exist, because there’s no use for them, much like the AN party, which was recently erased from memory when its erstwhile party headquarters on the Sliema front became yet another shop.

2: It’s something

Having divorce legislation does not make Malta a progressive force in the world. it hardly makes us much of anything in fact, but, if anything, it’s something. It’s not perfect, but it’s something. Of course, right now we feel like crusading liberals, but remember the old Persian proverb: “In the ant’s house, the dew is a flood.”

3: Enough web activism

It’s about time we put a stop to the frankly ridiculous amount of supposed activism online in this referendum. Enough with the bright colours and the messages, those damned messages which look so quirky and fun and true at first, but get irritating, boring and abrasive with every repeat viewing.

No referendum; no web activism! Well, I wouldn’t say none at all, you’ll still have a few people with badges and stuff. But it will be about circuses or something, and then we can laugh at them!

4: This shit was funny

And it was fun. There has been a collective sort of humor throughout this campaign, which is always a positive, especially when it is not necessarily broken down along political party lines. As for myself, I find that nothing is quite as funny, or fun, as cornering a bunch of Christians with an untenable and quite frankly, indefensible position. Their indignation is priceless.

5: No More Domestics

Wait a moment, we will still have domestics. Of course we will, everyone has those. But at least, we won’t have any more ridiculous domestic conflicts between couples over a piece of legislation. One thing this supposed debate has done is drive a wedge between people of different opinions, on even couples were on opposite sides of the fence. Couples who have never seriously argued before should not be arguing over something as ridiculous as the legal framework to obtain a divorce; it’s ridiculous, pointless and really quite ironic. In essence, we won’t have any more domestics about how we intend to solve domestics.

6: Power Structure

Now we know. That’s all I can say. We had our suspicions and some evidence to go on, but now we know how the shots are called in this country. It should be satisfactory to all that the agenda of our leaders was not forcefully imposed on us, so far.


How about your opinions? According to you, what’s the best thing about the Yes win in the divorce referendum in Malta? Leave a comment below…

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  1. “As for myself, I find that nothing is quite as funny, or fun, as cornering a bunch of Christians with an untenable and quite frankly, indefensible position. Their indignation is priceless.”

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