Current Affairs — 01 March 2012
Local Councils, keep your spam, it’s wasted here

It seem that every day now I must trudge down to the letterbox where I will be greeted with an unpleasantness which used to be a surprise but is now a rather sick practical joke, the disgorging of my letter box’s contents onto the floor, my person and any unsuspecting passersby. It is not that I have an online shopping addiction or a bunch of outstanding bills at all, that has nothing to do with the matter. My cup floweth over for entirely different reasons.

You see, the thing is, apparently, someone decided that it’s ok to dump the equivalent of a Swedish forest in paper into my mailbox every morning, just because you lot, the ruling elite, decided to play a little game called elections. We could have had a bigger game, but that wasn’t to be. Of course I was not party to this game (pun intended), because I couldn’t give two shakes of a squirrel’s ass whom you two big parties are planning to field in elections this year, especially given that none of the candidates are busty buxom lesbian blondes in tiny bikinis and a tendency to pour whipped cream over each other.

Thing is this, I stopped caring about all the ugly, family friendly businessmen and housewives and others pillars of this society which you deign are just the person we should look for and look to to run our locality, that is, this entirely made up patch of land we call whatever on god’s green earth you wanna call it. I don’t take very kindly to being told who to look up to, and this is my reaction; screw your people, screw your hand picked, dedicated people who just want to give up their time to help us. I’m not bloody impressed and I’m not bloody amused.

You see, I know how the big parties behave, and I know just how they see us voters; stupid, ignorant, crass little fuckheads who will bloody well vote for whom we tell them to vote because they know no better. And you see, they’re right a lot of the time, and I’m sure they’re even right about some of you reading this profanity laden piece right here. But, those assumptions don’t apply to me, and I know for damn sure they don’t apply to an entirely different set of you good people who are reading this.

And let me demonstrate. Just going through the local council elections junk mail for my locality. Two parties, 10 candidates, 2 housewives, 4 pensioners, one Managing Director, one HR manager, one lecturer, one sales executive and not one ounce of sympathy from me towards all of these, ergo, not one vote, because these people do not and couldn’t ever represent me.

And you know why this is? Because while many are bickering about the free wifi Labour promised and which was already available under the Nationalists, but it didn’t quite work and it didn’t count, I see past that. I see past that and I see it for what it is, useless fluff with no significance but which they jam between your ears until you stop thinking and obey, obey their will and vote for their zombies. Which I won’t do. Call it a protest vote or call it a lost vote, all I know is that it’s going to Alternattiva and it’s not coming to you, not again, not ever again.

Your rhetoric sucks, your arguments are puerile, your tone is patronising and I don’t like the look of you, so local councils, present and future, incumbent or in opposition, Labour or PN, do the right thing, stop wasting paper, don’t send me anything, because your spam means nothing here.

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(4) Readers Comments

  1. Why no comments to this blog post!?!

    Just when your article was gaining steam you started to conclude. I guess that anger might motivate one, but might not enable one to be moderate enough to persist in one’s argument.

    I wish to make two points. The first draws reference from my nom de plume.

    So many people not collecting their voting documents is a clear demonstration of anger towards their local councils, namely those of Sliema and Mosta. Arguably, the large majority of those who did not collect their vote, and thus will not vote, are traditionally Nationalist voters. I dare not delve into why people might be angry or disillusioned with a particular party because they have a right to be, but I find objection with people not voting. Voting is a civic duty and a constitutional right. Dare I say that once you don’t cast your vote, you automatically eliminate your legitimacy to complain when things don’t go the you want them to!

    My second point is more subjective but in my opinion, more fundamental as an observation as to why the Local Councils have fallen prey to the current predicament they find themselves in. I never subscribed to the fact that Political Parties were allowed to field candidates for Local Councils. I never did and all the more now! We now have a situation where certain individuals, irrespective of whether they have a civic sense or not, are fielded to contest. More often than not, they pledge covert allegiance to one particular MP or group which overrides their official purpose as a councillor or Mayor. With a measly remuneration of less than Eur500 per month, usually much less, what purpose does a Councillor with little or no civic duty have occupying a Local Council post?

    My recommendation would be: Do away with Political representation in Local Councils and UP the remuneration so that participation would become attractive to most.

  2. This blog is dead or what? No response to my contribution, not even from the blogger…

    • Nah, not dead, I suppose not many felt like a comment was needed. Happens sometimes.

  3. :__)) Good to know that my retorts are not in vain. Hope that your blog becomes more active and that you start to receive many more replies to your posts!

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