Malta — 27 March 2012
A quick reply to Ms Vella and Dr Saliba

The Times published a story today which essentially said that on a per-capita basis, Malta receives the highest rate of asylum seekers in the world when the figures are compared with national populations.

Of course, some of us might be forgiven for going off our heads right away and thinking of a takeover, but the article goes on to say that “Cyprus came in second place, with 17 immigrants per 1,000 inhabitants, while Sweden ranked third, with 15.6.” Malta got 20 by the way.

Is this alarming or not? Sure it is!

It’s alarming how this country receives so many migrants yet has seen so  few institutional changes in order to come to grips with the situation. It’s alarming how we still keep people locked up for up to 18 months when they could just as well be processed in a more civil manner. It also is alarming that Malta does seem to be going it alone while other EU countries couldn’t give a toss about both us and the immigrants who come here.

Up to there, I am just as concerned as you might be.

Of course, I expected a few knee jerk reactions and some dubious logic, but the twisted logic on the Times’ comment board surpasses that. Louise Vella, well known to anyone who reads the Times, is a regular commenter, especially on stories with a racial leaning. So here you go, enjoy her comment in all its glory.


louise vella times of malta comment


Jeez Louise, let me get this straight. Malta tops world list of immigrants per head and the fault is the NGOs?

How exactly? Are they going to Libya and picking them up themselves? Are the NGOs to blame for the wars and strife and starvation in Africa which force people to leave their homeland? You can’t have studied much Philosophy, because I think I remember someone telling me in a lecture once that logic like that is philosophically called bullshit.

Similarly, to my knowledge, Dr Gonzi has not once carried out an action by which virtue any more migrants would have come here. Or any less even.

As to Dr Saliba, as a Doctor, I don’t know how you can still justify a belief in any god, but leaving that aside for a second, if you’ve been insulted because someone rightly called you a hypocrite (my choice of words, you chose the gentler ‘less Christian), well, do the Christian thing, forgive them. That said, I do remember a passage in the Bible, something about what you did not do for even the smallest of these, you did not do for me, so goddamn, I might be right after all.

The statistics, dear Doctor, change fuck all. They do not change the fact that the people coming here are people first and foremost, people you swore a Hippocratic oath about, and which to my knowledge has no colour reservation. If there is one thing that the statistics ought to change it’s your mentality. The immigrants will keep coming until Africa continues to suffer, so maybe, just maybe, we should do the civil thing and think about how to make their transition a bit easier. Who knows, we might even make a couple of friends along the way.

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  1. Because the Bible has been quoted already in this context: There is a story in it about a refugee who comes to Malta and the local population assumes “he must be a criminal” -- not so different from today. Until they find out that he is St Paul:

    • You have a blog. Well done. Want a star with that? Why don’t you put up billboards and post fliers in our letterboxes as well so you can spam us even more? In every article I read here and ToM I see you comment with a link to your blog. Come on. Seriously?

  2. Francis Saliba “MD” is either the biggest shitlord in the country, or one of the best trolls I’ve ever encountered on the Times. Not only does it seem that he sometimes just looks for my name in the comments section to throw ad hominem attacks at me like he’s the appointed speaker of the “Anti-Manti” club, but he also spews forth some of the most bigoted comments I’ve ever seen.

    Actually, here’s one of my favorite comments of his that I’ve got saved relating to gay marriage.

    • ‘Nature intended’ huh good doctor? Well how about gay swans then, and all the other species of animal in which homesexual behaviour has been observed? Does nature intend for them to become extinct, but all in good time my darlings?

  3. A comment by Francis MD today:
    Francis Saliba M.D.
    Today, 20:30
    United we stand, disunited we fall!

    Bl-’MD’ b’kollox ma jafx li “divided we fall”…

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